Always Scrolling: Ella Halikas, the ‘CEO of Confidence’

Always Scrolling is PAPER‘s spotlight on our favorite TikTokers in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more. Keep reading to discover this week’s viral sensation: Ella Halikas.

Ella Halikas is a self-made curve model who went from being a waitress in San Francisco to signing with Ford Models and being featured in the Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Issue within just a year. As a content creator on TikTok and Instagram and a public speaker based in Los Angeles, she embodies self-confidence and body positivity.

“I create content online to push people to become the best version of themselves,” Halikas tells PAPER. “I’m here to bring all the good vibes, daily inspiration and fill up your self-confidence cup! I really want to work more closely with my community on building up their confidence.”

Below, she tells us about giving back, the mob wife trend and her favorite, revolutionary denim brand.



What do you love about what you do?

I love to give back and be able to help people overcome their insecurities and self-confidence issues. I also love to travel to new cities and places all over the world and work with such talented creatives on diverse sets. I love to wear different hats in my day-to-day life working in this industry and challenge myself both physically and mentally with what my job entails.

Who is another TikToker that you love right now?

Monet McMichael! She always has the best vibes, the greatest editing and the most engaging vlogs to watch.

Craziest comment you’ve received on a post?

Most of the body-shaming comments that I get are pretty crazy. One that stands out is from a Swim Week runway video when someone said, “That’s her walking to McDonald’s everyday.” Trying to body shame me.

What’s one of your favorite looks you’ve posted?

I loved my Golden Globes look. It was fun to wear a gold dress for the Golden Globes! I’d never done super long, sleek hair before, either.


What’s a trend that you love right now?

I love elevated basics, cargo pants and a good mob wife faux fur coat trend. But also you can never go wrong with the clean girl aesthetic, with a simple gold hoop.

One that you hate?

Platform/chunky heels and midi skirts. Also, I don’t love the east coast attire of wearing only black. I mean, come on we need some color, people!

What would you never wear?

I am honestly pretty open to trying all fashion trends. You can’t knock it until you try it.

Favorite fashion/beauty brand right now?

That one’s easy: Good American. They are truly a revolutionary brand for the fashion and denim industry. I love what they stand for, and they just get it. Rare Beauty is my favorite beauty brand right now because I love their overall brand messaging and core values. I also really love the diverse and inclusive community that they’ve built.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Justin Bieber or Michael B. Jordan. I can’t choose!


CEO of Confidence with a message to my haters🫡🤪🥰 thank u sm

What’s a good book you’ve read recently?

Atomic Habits. I am big on self-help books. I know, real original, but it’s such a classic.

Favorite restaurant in Los Angeles?

Taverna Tony — I am 100 percent Greek, so it’s only fitting.

Favorite club in Los Angeles?

I’m not too much of a club girl, but I love Bar Lis, or an elevated lounge with nice views.

What are some songs you have on repeat right now?

“Snooze” by SZA truly never gets old. I’ve also been listening to “Whatever She Wants” by Bryson Tiller. TikTok put me onto this one! Love to listen to it when getting ready for a night out. Lastly, “Airplane Tickets” by Pharrell Williams, Swae Lee and Rauw Alejandro is such a good vibe song and always puts me in a good mood.

Photography: Jay Heatley

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